Today, from Zen Smile Spa, we would like to share some information about a newer crown that we use with our clients and you may not have heard about called e.max CAD/CAM (laser cut). It’s an esthetic and all–ceramic restoration. If you think back to fixed restorations of recent decades, there was a dark metal substructure that had to be opaqued before porcelain was applied.

Then came all–ceramic restorations with their potential esthetics. The search for a high–strength cementable all–ceramic restoration brought us to zirconia–based restorations. But one of the problems with the zirconia–based restorations is the white substructure located underneath the ceramic material which instead of giving a dark substructure that needs to be opaqued, there is a light substructure. The challenge is to tone it down and keep the white from showing through the ceramic.

Today, with e.max CAD/CAM, there is a single solid block that gets milled. In our clinic in Jávea, we work with this material that is homogeneous, so the shade you see on the outside of the restoration is the same shade that you see on the inside, it’s the same color on the inside of the crown as it is on the outside.

Because it is laser milled from a single block, we can take advantage of the benefits of CAD/CAM, and can dial in digitally consistent contacts, occlusion and anatomy. With CAD/CAM, we can make it much more consistent than before, when technicians were doing this by hand.

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