Teeth whitening has become one of the “must have” cosmetic surgery treatments of the past decade. However, because it forms part of the aesthetic side of dentistry the market has become rife with non medically approved whitening products.

From whitening strips to whitening toothpastes, even whitening salons claim to produce the “brite white smile” at cut costs.

Just how effective are these toothpastes and products used by these beauty salons?

Tooth whitening strips or toothpaste sold over the counter will take some stains off your teeth but in the long term will tend to damage your enamel (the white outer surface) and will then only leave the yellow dentine exposed (second dark layer) making your teeth sensitive, and more porous + more prone to pick up stains in future.

Only dentists are authorised to sell “real” whitening toothpaste with a percentage of bleach to gradually whiten your teeth without coarse abrasive contents.

In salon whitening is far more attractivecost wise but if one considers that the percentage of bleach allowed to be used outside of a medical environment is 0.1% and that used within a dental practice range from 16% – 35%, the amount spent to whiten your teeth at 0.1% becomes very expensive – obviously your teeth will look brighter + feel cleaner but no whiter than if you had brushed your teeth with a whitening toothpaste bought at the dentist’s.

The most important lesson that one must learn is that teeth darken with age and no amount of brushing will whiten them from the inside only strong gel used safetly by your cosmetic dentist will achive that bright white smile. More importantly, before any whitening is performed, your teeth need to be examined for decay, your gums assessed for disease and Xrays taken to detect these as well as a professional scale and polish to remove tartar that no whitening toothpaste will remove. Fillings and crowns do not change colour with beaching, so if an unauthorised person were to whiten your teeth with a stronger gel you would be left with yellow crowns and fillings in amongst white teeth, not to mention the pain and sensitivity caused by gel seeping into undiagnosed decay and in and around fragile gums damaging them irrepairably.

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