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Zen Smile Spa Dentist In Javea

The comfort and well being of our patients is of great concern to us and for this reason
we have created a zen and relaxing atmosphere in our dental clinic combined with
modern surroundings and a caring and attentive staff.



Zen Smile Spa Dentist In Javea

Dr Carolyn Carbasse And Associates

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Dental & Aesthetic Clinic In Javea

At Zen Smile Spa we offer high quality treatments with the best products on the market,
for that "different" clinic that gives you that little bit more "perfection"



Gum Disease



Dental Hygiene

Smile Design

White Fillings

About Us - Zen Smile Spa, Dentist in Javea


In July 2003 Dr Carolyn Carbasse established Clinica Dental Zen in Denia and now dentist in javea . Dr Carbasse founded the clinic having gained a wide experience practising the best dentistry in different parts of Europe. Initially, she trained at Guy´s hospital (London) and after qualifying, worked both in NHS and later private practices in the UK.
She then went to complete post graduate qualifications in cosmetic dentistry in Montpellier South of France, where she worked a number of years. After 10 successful years in Denia, and several postgraduate degrees, Dr Carbasse expanded her dental practice to create a modern medispa and dental spa in Javea.

Dentist In Javea - English Dentist in Javea - Dental Clinic In Javea

Her aim was to change peoples outlook on dentistry. From the cold old fashioned dental practice associated with pain which bought back only too clearly the reminders of the school dentist, to a modern aesthetic and dental clinic in javea , relaxed, warm and friendly, geared towards prevention aesthetics and fine treatments.
The clinic includes a doctor specialised in anti-aging and beauty medicine and anti-stress therapy, as well as a highly trained team of specialist dentists in javea. A full range of hygiene dental Spa treatments are available with our hygienist not to forget our loyal and attentive staff always on hand to make your stay a relaxing, fun and definitely memorable one. Enjoy your Zen smile dentist in javea experience and let yourself be pampered while we treat you!

Dentist In Javea - English Dentist in Javea - Dental Clinic In Javea

What Is A Dental Spa

A new generation of clinic…..

Dental, Facial and Spa services.

What kind of client chooses a dental spa?

-The perfectionist -The Nervous patient -The client who loves to be pampered



Where to find Zen Smile Spa, Dentist in Javea

Dentist In Javea - Dental Clinic In Javea