Nowadays with social media and selfies, facial aesthetics and white teeth have become of utmost importance since our face and smile are constantly on show to the whole world.

A beautiful smile is part and parcel of a pretty or handsome face and going to the dentist is now associated with aesthetics and wellness rather than pain relief. Hence the advent of dental spas.

A dental spa offers dental treatment and facial aesthetics but with the most high tech equipment and lots of pampering such as :

• aromatherapy to neutralise the “dental smell”
• chill out atmosphere in both the décor and music
• treatment chairs with hyper comfortable memory foam
• overhead TV screens and headphones to take the mind of the treatment
• cromatherapy (lighting to relax the sense)
• heated neck rolls
• massages and tea and coffee while people wait
• WIFI and Ipads
• Attentive and caring staff

Even the treatments offered are the most renound and invogue such as Lumineers which are extra thin porcelain veneers like those of Cheryl Cole. Others available are:

• Custom whitening combining lazer and 30 minute sessions.
• Airflow teeth cleans which use a fine diamond powder to leave teeth gleaming.
• Non surgical face lifts in 30 mins
• Facial rejuvenation with combined light, lazer and peeling techniques
• Botox and a wide variety of facial fillers
• Ayurvedic massages and reflexology
• Express delivery for crowns and veneers
• Same day implants
• Invisible Invisalign braces from the US
• Pain free, injection free anaesthetic

What kind of client chooses a dental spa.

• The perfectionist
• The nervous patient
• The client who loves to be pampered

And above all…

The client that realises that the extra frills are part and parcel of the treatment at no extra cost because those who are in the dental Spa want only the best for their patients and their aim is to make the client’s journey a memorable one

Your nearest dental Spa and first dental Spa on the Costa Blanca, Zen Smile Spa in Javea call 96 579 3810.

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