Equipment and hygiene

All our equipment and hygiene are state of the art. Ultra modern dental chairs, plasma lights, digital x-rays, vector periodontal and air abrasion machine, intra oral camera and a digital panoramic x-ray machine with a video teaching aid being our latest addition. All our clinical staff are trained to the highest standards to use this equipment.

Even more importantly, they also ensure that extensive cleaning and sterilization procedures are meticulously followed for all our equipment and dental instruments. During each clinical procedure, gloves, masks and visors are used by all staff and all materials are of single use to prevent possible cross infection between patients. Naturally all instruments are autoclaved (placed in a large sterilizing machine) after each patient.



Dental panoramic X ray

This machine enables us to take a full circumferential x-ray of the teeth and the jaws allowing us to give a full diagnosis of the bone levels before any implant placement, early detection of growths (benign or malignant) in the jaws and for orthodontic assessment in young children to check for unerupted permanent teeth.

These are but a few of the many advantages for this machine not to mention that the x-rays in this case are digital (the majority of clinics still have the older film models). It being digital facilitates storage – with no development of films. Results are instantaneous and easy to interpret and most importantly radiation to the patient is a tenth of that of non digital panoramic x-rays.

Autoclave and panoramic X ray machine

These short videos help to explain to patients the stages in their treatment and visually help patients to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. They are especially useful for oral hygiene instruction to show adults and children how to brush their teeth and how to floss.