What is a dental bridge?

Dental Bridges are devices used to fill the space where teeth have fallen out or have been removed. A typical bridge consists of a pontic (the tooth that replaces the gap) and this is attatched either side to two surrounding crowns called abutments.

If a space in the mouth is left without placing a bridge, the teeth either side of the space shift and tilt leading to further movement of teeth above the gap and further along in the jaw. This leads to gum disease and further irrepairable loss of teeth. A bridge is the easiest and most economical fixed method of replacing a tooth in the mouth. N.B Dentures are a removable method of replacing a tooth.




Dental bridges process

At ZEN-SMILE Dental Clinic, fixed dental bridges usually require three trips to the surgery. During the initial visit, the surrounding teeth are prepared and made parallel and an impression is taken which is sent to the laboratory, at this appointment temporary crowns are fitted to the prepared teeth. At the interim visit, the fit and colour of the bridge is checked as well as the height in the mouth. Any instructions for finishing touches required to be made to the bridge are relayed by the dentist to the technician and at the final appointment the bridge is fitted with cement. A dental bridge can replace several teeth or just one – it can be made of zirconia, porcelain or metal and porcelain and will always remain lifelike and natural in the mouth.

Proper maintenance of dental bridges

Special care must be taken to ensure that the gumline and area surrounding the new bridge are kept clean. Special floss is necessary to clean underneath the teeth and to maintain the gums in a healthy condition. With proper dental care bridges can last a lifetime.