Scaling and oral hygiene

We tailor your hygiene session to suit your needs and oral health. Choose a clean from our hygiene menu detailed below:


Dental scale and polish

3 monthly scale and polish

This is for patients on our maintenance programme who need to see the hygienist every 3 months to keep their oral health at its optimum.

Dentomycin antibiotic and slow release chlorhexodine treatments are often advocated for prolonged results.

Classic scale and polish

This 30 minute hygiene treatment is ideal for patients with good oral hygiene, and regular attenders.

If you are looking for a top up clean for a special occasion, this is your ideal option.


Diamond stain removal clean

During this 40 minute session, our hygienist will clean your teeth first with an ultrasonic, then with hand scaling instruments and then offer you a diamond polish with a choice of flavours.

Deluxe diamond sparkle stain removal clean

This luxury clean will leave your teeth gleaming. This is the diamond stain removal clean followed by a deluxe sparkle air flow polish. This state of the art treatment uses a fine air polishing powder to remove heavy stains. This option is great for people with sensitive teeth, heavy smokers and coffee and red wine drinkers (i.e anyone who enjoys a good time on the Costa Blanca!).

Fresh breath programme

This treatment is the best cure to help say goodbye to bleeding gums and halitosis. The treatment involves two 40 minute hygiene sessions during which our hygienist provides a deep intensive clean using local anaesthetic where necessary. She will also provide instructions on how you can maintain a good oral hygiene to prevent the recurrence of halitosis and bleeding gums.

Periodontal programme

Both the dentist and hygienist will provide advice to patients with gums that require special attention and if necessary refer you to our trilingual in house periodontist Dr Carolyn Carbasse for specialist treatment