Often, we don’t realise that we have a problem until we see blood in the sink when brushing our teeth:bleeding gums are a sign of serious problems beneath.

Chronic gum problems lead to wobbly teeth and their eventual premature loss.

When people smoke or take anti inlammatories ,no bleeding occurs and the problems go unnoticed until you visit the dentist and the gum disease has caused loss of bone and infectins around the roots of the teeth :

What are the possible solutions to the problem ?

  • Visit your dentist urgently who will perform a full examination of your gums and teeth
  • A full panoramic Xray will determine any infections and bone loss for the dentist to formulate a treatment plan.
  • A deep clean of all your teeth will be carried out followed by 3 monthly or 6 monthly hygiene appointments to maintain the results.
  • Start brushing your teeth 3 times a day for 2 mins together with the appropriate sized brushes and floss.

NB This will be very difficult to do if you have hard solidified plaque on your teeth hence why you need to see the dentist first to get you back on track.


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